What do you want to do ?

… set a goal and a time period.

Start it

You are focused on your goal, already formalized, in the step before, some unforseen events could arise …

End of the countdown

The timer is ended, everything has gone as you expected ?

Maybe yes but things do not always go well, unforseen events will arise, tasks are more complex than expected, and so on …

In those moments, take your time to formalize “the issues” arised.


You can read your notes in two ways, by the tab “timer list” or in a text file on which they have been saved, this link gives you more info.

The layout of the report is not beautiful :-( but contains the data …

Timer review technique

It starts from the tomato techinque of Francesco Cirillo.

At the end of the timer we check if we have done what we have planned.

Also we take one minute or two to write down what could be usefull in a second moment, maybe to expose why something “easy” decomes “complex”.

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